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People deal with a range of allergies that can affect the quality of their health. Getting allergy testing at The Wellness Center with Dr. Mark Gabriel helps people in Portland, Oregon determine the type of allergy they have.

Allergies Q & A

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What Types of Allergies Can a Person Have?

People experience allergic reactions from a wide range of things in the environment. The most common allergies that people hear about are food allergies, dust allergies, skin allergies, insect sting allergies and pet allergies. Yet people can also be allergic to medications, mold, latex, cockroaches, or have eye or nose allergies. Narrowing down the list of allergies a person may have can prevent serious reactions and help a person get emergency treatment.

How is an Allergy Test Performed?

The Wellness Center provides allergy testing to people in Portland, Oregon. Blood tests and skin tests are the common methods to check for an allergy. Most testing only takes about 25 to 30 minutes as multiple allergy tests may be performed.

If a person is getting a skin test, they will have the surface of the skin on their back or arm pricked with a drop of the suspected allergen. Then our specialists will take notes of any allergic reactions in the form of redness or skin irritation in the test area. On rare occasions, a second skin test may be advised where the allergen will be injected into the skin or the arm.

How Long Does It Take to Get Allergy Test Results?

The length of time to get the results for allergy testing will depend on the type of test that was performed. A specialist giving a skin allergy test will normally have the results in about 20 minutes based on the person's reaction to the allergen placed on the skin. Blood tests may take several days as these tests are normally given if a person is taking a medication that may prevent skin testing or if the person is an infant. They may also obtain a blood test if the person suffers from a severe skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, or if the allergen can cause a dangerous positive reaction.

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