PRP For Chronic Tendon Injuries

PRP for Chronic Tendon Injuries

One of the more revolutionary treatments we offer here at The Wellness Center in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon is PRP. Platelet rich plasma uses your own blood cells and plasma to create nutrient-dense material. This helps boost circulation and healing for cellular level regeneration. Learn more about PRP and how we use this treatment to manage chronic tendon injuries.

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About Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP is a treatment method that involves your own genetic material. Naturalpathic doctors take your blood and use this to create plasma that your body is ready to absorb for all natural healing. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the treatment area of the body. 

About Tendon Injuries

We help patients who are struggling with a number of tendon injuries. These include tendonitis, tendinopathy, and tendinosis. Tendon damage leads to these conditions. This damage occurs with aging, as well as due to genetics, illnesses, arthritis, and repetitive use syndrome including carpal tunnel. We also work with sports athletes and individuals with rotator cuff syndrome. The goal is to help improve the functionality of the tendons to allow you to regain mobility and eliminate tendon pain. 

Uses for PRP Therapy

Here at The Wellness Center, our naturalpathic doctors use PRP therapy for a multitude of health benefits. It is used to reduce pain in the tendon after a sports injury or repetitive use injury. Using PRP therapy, you can avoid using drugs for pain relief. This is ideal for individuals who struggle with substance issues. 

When your joints are lacking in circulation either due to lack of blood flow or poor tissue, this reduces your body’s ability to heal after a tendon injury. Chronic tendon injuries are the resulting effect. We apply platelet rich plasma to the area of improving joint function. By improving damage to the tendon tissue, you are able to heal more effectively after an injury or illness. 

Choose Our Portland Chiropractor for Tendon Pain

To start treating your chronic tendon injuries and pain using PRP, reach out to the professionals. Here at The Wellness Center, we offer a number of wellness services. Along with our other services we provide lifestyle advice, corrective exercises, massage therapy, and naturalpathic medicine.

Call Us Today To Learn More About PRP Therapy

To begin, call our office at 503-389-5545 for more information and to schedule an appointment. Ask about our current specials and discounts for chiropractic treatments. We look forward to helping you with your tendon pain and chronic tendon injuries using PRP therapy with your platelet rich plasma.

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